The Parish Council exercises shared responsibility for the pastoral life of the parish with the leadership of the pastor.  The purpose of the Council is to prayerfully engage the faith community in common reflection about the parish’s mission and ministry.

The Council is responsible for planning and evaluating the parish programs and ministries, in accordance with scripture and Church teaching.  The Council is consistently researching the needs, ideas, and hopes of the faith community; encouraging and supporting existing ministries; evaluating the quality of life in the parish faith community, and planning for the parish’s future by recommending policies, procedures, and programs in fulfilling the mission of the


Parish Council Membership:



Committee Representatives

– Worship

– Faith Formation

– Parish Life

– Service

– Health Ministries

– Buildings & Grounds

At-Large Members (4)

Youth Representatives (2)

Centre College Representative


Worship Committee:

The function of the Worship committee is to enhance the celebration of the Liturgy of the Eucharist through planning, coordination of ministries, and education of the parish community.  Committee responsibilities include church environment, music, and liturgical ministries.  The celebration of the Mass is the heart and core of every Catholic parish; it is the center where we gather and provide food that nourishes us in our service to the world.  The committee assists in planning for the key liturgical seasons of the Church – Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost.

Arts & Environment:
The arts and environment committee plans, arranges, and cares for church decorations, including candles, flowers, and other materials relating to the different liturgical seasons.  Volunteers are particularly needed during the seasons of Advent/Christmas, and Lent/Easter.

Music Ministry:
The role of the music ministry is to ensure that “the whole body of the faithful may be able to contribute that active participation that is rightly theirs…”  At Ss Peter & Paul, music ministry involves many singers and instrumentalists.

These individuals lead the congregation in song, especially in responsorial singing.  While a cantor will sing at every Mass, they are especially important at Masses which do not have a choir to support the congregation.

The choir supports the Masses, focusing on multi-part singing to support the congregational song.  While the ability to read music is helpful, it is not required.  There is also room for instrumentalists.

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist:
These ministers are trained and commissioned by the Church to serve others by distributing the Eucharist, both during the celebration of the Mass and in ministering to the homebound and hospitalized.

These people are trained and commissioned to proclaim the Word of God at Mass and other liturgical services, in a way that facilitates the assembly’s active listening.
These ministers are trained and commissioned to help prepare the church for the celebration of Mass.  Prior to Mass, the sacristan ensures that all liturgical ministers are present, checks lighting and sound systems, helps the altar servers light the candles and prepare the credence table; this person also checks with the celebrant for any specific instructions.  At the end of Mass, the sacristan assures that everything used during Mass is properly stored, cleansed, and secured.

Altar Servers:
The privilege to serve as an altar server is open to any youth, or adult, who has received the sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist.  Completion of the training program is required before being assigned to serve.

Greeters/Ushers are ministers of hospitality.  They welcome all who enter the church, take up the offertory collections, direct the congregation during distribution of Communion, distribute bulletins, and assist those in need of help before, during, and after Mass.

Linen Caretakers:
These behind-the-scenes volunteers launder and care for the small linens used during the celebration of the Mass.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word:
Using the Children’s Lectionary, volunteers lead the young children (preschool – 2nd grade) of the parish in an age-appropriate Liturgy of the Word during the 11:15am Sunday Mass.  The children and adult leaders are dismissed from Mass during the Liturgy of the Word to participate in their own proclamation of the Word, and lesson; they rejoin the congregation at the Proclamation of Faith.
Faith Formation Committee:

The Faith Formation committee serves as a resource in advising and coordinating the educational programs within our parish.  The goal of the committee is to provide the parish with faith-enrichment experiences.  Faith formation helps us: grow in our relationship with God and others, realize our responsibility to proclaim and build God’s kingdom of love, peace, and justice, understand and articulate our faith as it is revealed through Sacred Tradition and Scripture, and celebrate our faith through liturgy and prayer.

Religious Education (Preschool – 5th Grade):
Classes meet from mid-August through mid-May, for approximately one (1) hour.  Registration is required.  Volunteers in this ministry include catechists and classroom aides.

Sacramental Preparation for First Reconciliation & First Communion:
Children in 2nd grade prepare to receive the sacraments of First Reconciliation & First Communion.  Most of this preparation is during class meetings, using Jesus is Our Life.  Parental involvement is essential to the successful sacramental preparation of the child; regular attendance and completion of assignments are required for completion of this sacramental preparation.

Youth Ministry:
At Ss Peter & Paul, youth ministry is the catechetical formation for 6th – 12th grade youth, and includes preparation for teens to come into full communion with the Church as they receive the third and final Sacrament of Initiation, Confirmation.

Edge is a comprehensive Catholic middle-school youth ministry program for early adolescents in grades 6-8.

LifeTeen is a parish-based Catholic high-school youth ministry program for teens in grades 9-12.

Sacrament of Confirmation:
The Oneight Confirmation series is a comprehensive Catholic model of preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation; it is a stand-alone series that gives practical, step-by-step ways to help teens grow closer to Christ and His Church.  Through a series of sessions, teens are drawn into a deeper faith that will transform their heart, and change their life.  The format for these sessions follows the flow of the Liturgy, and the LifeTeen model: Gather, Proclaim, Break, and Send.  Confirmation is offered to students currently in the 11th grade.  The program includes service opportunities, a weekend retreat, and additional out-of-class requirements.

Campus Ministry:
Campus Ministry provides guidance and spiritual direction to students who are enrolled in post-secondary education, specifically ministering to the students at Centre College.  The coordinator of Campus Ministry serves as a spiritual director to the students, with the pastor serving as the Chaplain of the Centre Catholic Community, a registered student organization.

All parish employees and volunteers working with youth are required to complete VIRTUS training; this is the diocesan youth protection program, and is open to anyone in the parish who is concerned for the safety and protection of our youth.

Adult Faith Formation:
This program includes the Adult Education group, Bible study, prayer groups, small faith-sharing groups, parent-oriented programs, and guest speakers focusing on a variety of faith-enrichment topics.


The Parish Life Committee:

The Parish Life committee works to ensure effective community throughout the parish, providing opportunities for socialization through service.  Programs within this committee include: family activities, welcoming of newcomers, stewardship, Social Adult Ministry for Seniors (SAMS), prayer networks, ministry for single/divorced parishioners, and other social events.

The Service Committee:

The Service committee functions to provide necessary and much-appreciated services within our Danville/Boyle Co. community, and within our parish, too.  This committee is comprised of the following ministries: interpreters, holiday outreach, collection counters, office volunteers, Amen Corner, Soups-on-Us, GRC Scholarship, prison ministry, food collection, outreach, homebound ministry, and bereavement ministry.


The Buildings & Grounds Committee:

The Buildings & Grounds committee oversees the maintenance, and preserves the beauty, of the parish property and grounds.  Committee members engage in mechanical and electrical work, carpentry, painting, gardening, and other needed tasks.

The Health Ministries Committee:

The Health Ministries committee promotes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and wellness of the individual, family, and community, through education, disease prevention, counseling, visitation, health advocacy, and coordination of community health resources.  This ministry is not reserved for only those parishioners employed in, or retired from, the medical field; all are welcome.  Ministries include providing free blood pressure screenings (once per month, after Mass), organizing parish blood drives, and health education, to name a few.